Gletterens (FR)

At Gletterens, on the side of Neuchatel lake, a lakeside village has been rebuilt near the modern harbour.

Canton: Fribourg

Swiss topographic coordinates: 561'789, 193'899

Google Earth file: Gletterens-en.kmz




Others visible sites in the area

  • Avenches (VD): Roman city (amphitheatre, theatre, temples, baths, city wall, museum)
  • Bas-Vully (FR): Celtic oppidum
  • Payerne (VD): Romanesque abbey church
  • Vallon (FR): Roman villa (museum, mosaics), medieval church

The lakeside village

A village of the neolithic period (about 5000 BC) has been dug up near the lakeside. Several buildings and a fence have been studied. Near the place where there were the remains of this village, three farms, a corn loft and a fence have been rebuilt since 1996. There is also a garden with the cultivated plants of the neolithic period. Various activities are regularly organized between April and October, such as animations for children or experimental archaeology.

Swiss topographic coordinates: 561'211, 194'719